Effect of angiotensin II receptor antagonists on left ventricular hypertrophy, vascular elasticity, and lipid and carbohydrate metabolic parameters in metabolic syndrome


Aim: to evaluate the antihypertensive efficacy and effects of telmisartan and losartan on metabolic parameters in patients with arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome. Subjects and methods. A blind randomized, controlled, parallel group comparative (telmisartan versus losartan for 24 weeks) trial enrolled 60 patients with arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome. Results. Significant differences were found in favor of telmisartan in antihypertensive activity, cardio-, angio-, and nephroprotection and ability to improve lipid and carbohydrate metabolic parameters. Only did telmisartan reduce the manifestations of insulin resistance and hyperleptinemia in patients with hypertension and obesity. Therapy with telmisartan versus losartan exerted a pronounced positive effect on anthropometric parameters and fat deposition rate. The drugs were found to be well tolerated and to cause no adverse reactions in both groups.

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S V Nedogoda

A S Salasyuk

Email: solarheart7@gmail.com

T A Chalyabi

Email: hyvetvma@yandex.ru

I N Barykina

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D A Pocheptsov

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A A Ledyaeva

Email: ledy-alla@yandex.ru

V V Tsoma

E V Chumachek

Email: elena-chumachek@yandex.ru


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