Efficacy of the fixed combination β-blocker and calcium antagonist Logimax at women with an essential hypertensionin different age groups


The functional condition of endothelium is investigated at 36 patients with arterial hypertension II-III of a stage (aged 44-80 years) during 3
monthly treatments by fixed combination metoprolol succinate + felodipine (Logimax). Blood pressure (BP) was monitored for 24 hours.
Endothelial vasodilatation function and thickness of a complex intimae - media were evaluated with ultrasonic duplex scanning of arteries. It has
been revealed reduced endothelium-dependent vasodilatation and structural remodeling of peripheral arteries in elderly hypertensives. Alongside
with high antihypertensive activity, indapamid retard positively influenced on structural and functional characteristics of humeral arteries.



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